# India's Most Practical Fundraising Handholding

Personalised Handholding to Raise Funds for Your Startups

Raised 120 Crore+ with 66% Success Ratio

Let's work together to raise suitable funds for your startup. 

Personalised Handholding to Raise Startup Funding 

  • Stage 1: Plan - Transform Your Business for Suitable Funding
  • Stage 2: Position - Identify Gaps, Resources and Methods to Scale
  • Stage 3: Performance - Prepare Funding Pitch and Financial Reports
  • ​Stage 4: Proposition - Pitch for Suitable Valuation to Suitable Investors

Transform Your Startup Vision into a Funded Business with Me and My Proven Framework

100 % Custom, Personalised and Result Oriented

 Module 01 : Validation & Market Fit Business Model Report.

 Module 02 : Scalable Business Model Framework & Plan.

 Module 03 : FundReady Accounts & Financial Framework.   

 Module 04 : Investor Propositions and Pitching Protocol.  

 Watch 05-mins Video For More Details 

 Craft a Business Plan to Attract Investors

 Crafting Investor Pitch & Financial  Model

 Guide to Select Suitable Funds & Investors

 Connecting with the Right Investor Network

 Practice of Pitching & Face  Investors

 Guide To Negotiate Term Sheet & Valuation

About a Mentor
Meet Praful Chatrapati: A Serial Entrepreneur & Smart CEO awardee with 25 years of experience in executive leadership roles. He has built three successful startups in the last 13 years and has expertise in SAAS product development, franchise development, import-export, factory setup, and scaling businesses from 2 employees to 500+.

Praful has raised over 70 Crore Plus in funding from angel investors, government schemes, venture capitalists, and strategic collaborations. He has also mentored and hand-held over 70 startups to achieve their funding and scaling goals. With his extensive experience and expertise, Praful is now a startup mentor too and can handhold and guide your startup to success.

 Watch 05-mins Video For More Details 

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