Personal Mentoring & Practical Handholding to Raise Startup Funding
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Get personalized guidance and proven strategies to turn your fundraising goals into reality.
* Raised 120 Crore+ with 66% Success Ratio.....

Struggling to Raise Funds For Your Startup?

Personalised Handholding To Raise Startup Funding

Stage 1: Planning

Transform Your Business for Suitable Funding

Stage 2: Positioning

Identify Gaps, Resources and Methods to Scale

Stage 3: Pitching

Prepare Funding Pitch and Financial Reports

Stage 4: Proposition

Pitch for Suitable Valuation to Suitable Investors

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Gain Clarity Before Approaching Investors

Book the Meeting for Solutions, Not Just Knowledge

  • How can I raise funds for an idea or pre-revenue startup?
  • ​How do I prepare for accurate valuation of my startup?
  • ​How can I determine if my business is suitable for equity funding?
  • ​How to Identify and Reach Suitable Investors?
  • How do I choose between seed, angel, or venture capital funding?
  • ​What are the strategies to raise suitable funding for a non-profitable business?
  • How do I transition from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur?
Unlock Funding Success: Your Step-by-Step Handhold with Praful

Secure the Best Valuation & Terms Suitable for You.

Craft a Business Plan to Attract Investors
Connecting with the Right Investor Network
Crafting Investor Pitch & Financial Model
Practice of Pitching & Impress  Investors 
Selecting Suitable Funds & Investors
Guide To Negotiate Term Sheet & Valuation

Know About Praful
Startup Funding Mentor

Entrepreneur. Mentor. Your Fundraising Partner

Having built and scaled three startups, I understand the funding struggle. That's why I help others achieve their goals. What I bring:
  • Personalized approach: No cookie-cutter solutions, just tailored guidance.
  • Extensive network: Connecting you with the right investors.
  • ​Clients benefited from my practical approach and network.
  • Raised 137 Crore+ with 66% Success Ratio

Ready to raise funds for your startup?

Few Startups Mentored By Praful Chatrapati

How this Program Works for Startup Founders?

What Will You Gain As A Founder In This Mentorship Program?

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"Building Success: From Faith to Commitment, Your Journey Starts Here"

  • 45 Minutes with Mr. Praful to Discuss Funding Eligibility
  • Discover Personal Mentorship for Fundraising Success
  • 45 Minutes with Mr. Praful to Discuss Funding Eligibility
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