Personal Mentoring & Practical Handholding to Raise Startup Funding
We have successfully raised funds for our 02 startups and 42 mentee startups.
Get personalized guidance and proven strategies to turn your fundraising goals into reality.
* Raised 120 Crore+ with 66% Success Ratio.....

Struggling to Raise Funds For Your Startup?

Personalised Handholding To Raise Startup Funding

You are just a step away from finding your solution to fund raising.

Stage 1: Planning

Transform Your Business for Suitable Funding

Stage 2: Positioning

Identify Gaps, Resources and Methods to Scale

Stage 3: Pitching

Prepare Funding Pitch and Financial Reports

Stage 4: Proposition

Pitch for Suitable Valuation to Suitable Investors

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Gain Clarity Before Approaching Investors

Book the Meeting for Solutions, Not Just Knowledge

  • How can I raise funds for an idea or pre-revenue startup?
  • ​How do I prepare for accurate valuation of my startup?
  • ​How can I determine if my business is suitable for equity funding?
  • ​How to Identify and Reach Suitable Investors?
  • How do I choose between seed, angel, or venture capital funding?
  • ​What are the strategies to raise suitable funding for a non-profitable business?
  • How do I transition from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur?
Unlock Funding Success: Your Step-by-Step Handhold with Praful

Secure the Best Valuation & Terms Suitable for You.

Craft a Business Plan to Attract Investors
 Connecting with the Right Investor Network
Crafting Investor Pitch & Financial Model
 Practice of Pitching & Impress  Investors 
Selecting Suitable Funds & Investors
 Guide To Negotiate Term Sheet & Valuation

Know About Praful
Startup Funding Mentor

Entrepreneur. Mentor. Your Fundraising Partner

Having built and scaled three startups, I understand the funding struggle. That's why I help others achieve their goals. What I bring:
  • Personalized approach: No cookie-cutter solutions, just tailored guidance.
  • Extensive network: Connecting you with the right investors.
  • ​Clients benefited from my practical approach and network.
  • Raised 137 Crore+ with 66% Success Ratio

Ready to raise funds for your startup?

Few Startups Mentored By Praful Chatrapati

How this Program Works for Startup Founders?

What Will You Gain As A Founder In This Mentorship Program?

Few Success Stories

"Building Success: From Faith to Commitment, Your Journey Starts Here"

  • 45 Minutes with Mr. Praful to Discuss Funding Eligibility
  • Discover Personal Mentorship for Fundraising Success
  • 45 Minutes with Mr. Praful to Discuss Funding Eligibility
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